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miro CargoTracker, LoRaWAN GPS tracker, EU868, housing, IP65

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Miromico - TRACK-CARGO-LW/EU868

The miro Cargo is a powerful and flexible LoRaWAN GNSS tracking platform that integrates a multi-standard GPS receiver with an accelerometer and temperature sensor into one compact device. The IP67-rated water- and dust–protected industrial housing with mounting options allows the device to be operated in a harsh environment.
The platform is built around Miromico’s FMLR family of multi-standard wireless modules. Thanks to that, it is an ideal platform for fast prototyping asset tracking and other IoT systems. A ready-to-be-produced setup of supply and manufacturing chain and the use of cost-effective components allow a fast time-to-market and scale-up into high-volume.
Miromico trackers are compatible with all network providers. They can store up to 100.000 locations which are transmitted when the vicinity of the network is detected. The devices are configured using our development kit or by LoRaWAN down-links. The latter allows the GPS positioning interval and other settings to be changed after deploying the devices in the field.

Key features:

  • LoRaWAN® class A compliant device
  • Supports EU868, US915, AU915, AS923High-performance, low power GNSS module with integrated antenna
  • Multiple sensors and actor options (Temperature, Moisture, Barometric Pressure, accelerometer, RGB LED)
  • Optional WiFi sniffing and BLE advertisement
  • Robust IP67 industrial housing
  • 2x AA Batteries (Alkaline or Lithium), up to 2 years of lifetime 
  • Optional DC/DC converter for most extended battery lifetime
  • Long-range wireless connectivity over LoRa®
  • Multiple options of wireless modules and standards (LoRa®, FLRC, Wireless-MBUS, BLE, Z- WAVE, ZigBee and more)

Typical applications:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Monitoring and anti-theft
  • Flexible development platform
  • Fast prototyping & Proof-of-concept
  • Low power RF systems

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Band915 MHz, 868 MHz
Type of Antenna connectorIntegrated Antenna
Communication ProtocolLoRaWAN
Type of productTracking Solutions
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