Synchronous Boost Converter

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Temperature Range-40 °C - 85 °C
Product TypeLV DCDC

Artikelnummer: 10091-SY20445QMC

Mindestbestellmenge: 3000 Stk.

Verpackungsart: QFN2x2-10


Verpackungseinheit: 3000 Stk.

Verpackung: REELBOX

Lieferzeit: ca. 36 Wochen

Silergy - SY20445QMC

SY20445/SY20445A is a high efficiency synchronous Boost regulator that converts down to 1.8V input and up to 5.5V output voltage. It adopts NMOS for the main switch and PMOS for the synchronous switch. It can disconnect the output from input during the shutdown mode.

Key features:

  • 1.8V Minimum Input Voltage
  • Adjustable Output Voltage from 2.5V to 5.5V
  • 5A peak Current Limit
  • Input under Voltage Lockout
  • Load Disconnect during Shutdown
  • Output Over Voltage Protection
  • Input Battery Voltage Monitor
  • Automatic Output Discharge at Shutdown:
    • SY20445: Auto Output Discharge Function
    • SY20445A: No Output Discharge Function
  • Low RDS(ON) (Main Switch/Synchronous Switch) at 5.0V Output: 20/40mΩ
  • Compact Package: QFN2x2-10


  • All Single Cell Li or Dual Cell Battery Operated Products as MP-3 Player, PDAs, and Other Portable Equipment

Datasheet & AppNotes:
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