PCBite Magnifier 3x [4020]

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4020 - Sensepeek
PCBite Magnifier 3x

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Sensepeek - PCBite Magnifier 3x [4020]

3x magnification edgeless lens for increased visibility of the work surface and AR coating (anti-reflection) to reduce reflections from nearby light sources. PCBite Magnifier enlarges your target and makes it easier to see during soldering, inspection and measurements. Especially useful when placing PCBite hands free probes on fine pitch SMD components during measurements. At the bottom of the magnifier foot there is a strong magnet perfectly balanced in strength. A low friction bottom cap protects the magnet and makes the magnifier easy to slide on the PCBite base plate. Friction based adjustment of lens tilt and rotate positions takes away the need for annoying and complicated set screws. Premium build quality made from CNC machined aluminum matching the look and feel of the rest of the PCBite family of products. Optimized design, magnification and focal point for use together with the PCBite PCB holders and baseplates included in all PCBite kits. Can also be used handheld but not standalone without a metal surface as base.

Key features:

  • Lens magnification: 3x
  • Coating: Anti reflective
  • Diameter lens: 90 mm
  • Height: 150 mm

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PCBite Magnifier 3x [4020]
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