53100A With IR and STD Options

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Microchip - 53100A With IR and STD Options - 090-53100-002
Options IR and STD equip the instrument with internal reference oscillators for genuine turnkey operation. Eliminate costly reference sources on your production line, or improve the stability of your existing house standard by taking advantage of versatile disciplining capabilities to perform cross-correlated measurements. Option IR (-001): Dual independent 100 MHz references support phase noise measurements at levels below -170 dBc/Hz and Allan deviation measurements near 2E-13 @ τ=1s. Option STD (-002): Adds a miniature atomic standard to units equipped with Option IR, enabling long-term drift and precision frequency measurements with atomic accuracy. Note: Option STD is factory and user calibrated with 5E-9/ year accuracy.

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53100A With IR and STD Options
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