T200S tunable laser

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ICT - Fiber Optics

High-Power Continuously Tunable Laser

EXFO - T200S

A continuously tunable laser is an essential instrument in R&D labs and on production floors. It covers a variety of applications where rapid, continuous wavelength tuning is required. The T200S laser delivers speed and high power while sweeping in addition to narrow linewidth at fixed wavelengths.
The T200S can be used with EXFO’s passive component testers to provide a turnkey testing solution that is scalable, cost-effective and interoperable with thirdparty systems.
The T200S exhibits a crystal-clear optical spectrum at a nominal optical output power of 10 dBm over the entire tuning range. Indeed, the optical cavity eliminates broadband source spontaneous emission (SSE) without any compromise on optical power. High spectral purity is maintained throughout the laser sweep thanks to the active mode-hop control, ensuring reliable wavelength sweeps are achieved over and over again.


  • Passive optical components
  • Photonic integrated circuits
  • Multipurpose tunable laser for R&D

Key features:

  • Up to 200 nm/s scanning speed
  • Nominal 10 dBm over full tunable spectral range
  • Ultra-low spontaneous emission
  • Wavelength coverage: 1500 - 1630 nm
  • Compact form factor
  • Wavelength tuning and continuous sweep modes
  • Active mode-hop-free operation

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T200S tunable laser
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