Computer Controls Tripod Splice Worktable

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ICT - Fiber Optics

Assembly table include tripod for splicing work

Computer Controls - Tripod Splice Worktable

ur tripod splice work table is suitable for splicing work in elevated installation areas (BEP / 19" cabinet). It is also possible to remove the splice table from the tripod and to do splicing work on the floor, e.g. on an OTO box.
With the "easy-to-go" transport bag your workstation is mobile and flexible in use at all times.

Main features
- Splicing devices from Sumitomo and Fujikura can be mounted
- Cassette holder with splice tray can be screwed on
- Movable magnets for tool storage
- Plastic container for cleaning material and splice protectors
- Holder for ANT press
- Mounting holes for Cleaver
- Magnetic strips for holding the optical fibres
- 2 holder sizes for alcohol cleaning bottles

Scope of delivery
- Robust tripod with transport bag (1000×130×130 mm)
Tripod extension possible from 950 to 1900 mm
- Splice work table made of chrome steel with transport bag (406×406×165 mm)
- Splice cassette holder
- 2 magnets for tool attachment
- Knurled screw for mounting splice cassette / splicer / cleaver
- 2 plastic containers with lid
- 2 different holders for alcohol cleaning bottles

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Computer Controls Tripod Splice Worktable
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