E-paper Designer Kit

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E-paper designer kit with different forms, colors, and cut-out shapes displays, comes with pre-programmed driver

Ynvisible - E-paper Designer Kit

The designer kit was developed to showcase the high degree of customization and design freedom possible with our segmented display technology. The kit contains several different designs in different colors and shapes. One example is the color wheel, which can be a useful tool to explore the various colors possible in the activated and de-activated state respectively.

Key features:
White Reflectance: 40%
Contrast Ratio (Yb/Yd): 1:3
Angle Dependency: No, lambertian
Thickness: 300 μm
Graphical layout: Segments
Segment dimensions: 1 mm - 100 mm
Response time: 100-1000 ms
Driving voltage: 1.5 V
Driving method: Direct drive
Energy consumption: 1 mJ/cm^2
Pulse energy: 0.25 mJ/cm^2
Image retention w/o power: 1-5 minutes
Operating conditions: -20C - +60C
Activations/Cycles: 1.000.000

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E-paper Designer Kit
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