SLWSTK6102A: Evaluation Board xGM210P

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xGM210P Wireless Module Starter Kit

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Silicon Labs - SLWSTK6102A: Evaluation Board xGM210P

The SLWSTK6102A is a powerful starter kit with all the hardware and support tools needed to begin prototyping wireless applications with MGM210P and BGM210P (xGM210P) modules.
Together with the Gecko SDK suite and Simplicity Studio, the SLWSTK6102A delivers a complete development platform with robust software stacks, advanced debugging and optimization tools, sample application code, pre-compiled demos, documentation and various other resources to help you create xGM210P-based Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, or multi-protocol connectivity and networking solutions.

Kit Features:
- Modular starter kit architecture uses common main board and product-specific radio boards
- Multiple radio boards included with kit to enable mesh networking development setup
- USB interface
- Ethernet interface to access kit over TCP/IP
- 20-pin expansion (EXP) header to interface kit with external peripherals or plug-in boards via common serial interfaces (e.g. SPI, UART, I2C)
- On-board debugger supporting SWD, JTAG and C2
- Packet Trace Interface (PTI), virtual COM port (VCOM) and Advanced Energy Monitor (AEM)
- AEM circuitry to monitor energy consumption
- USB, coin-cell battery, and external source powering options

Kit Contents:
- 2x Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) main boards
- 2x xGM210PA32 Wireless Gecko Module radio boards (+20 dBm)
- 2x xGM210PA22 Wireless Gecko Module radio boards (+10 dBm)
- 2x USB 2.0 cables (A to mini-B)
- 1x Simplicity Debug Adapter Board
- 1x 10-pin ribbon cable
- xGM210 Get Started card
- xGM210PB32 and xGM210PB22 Wireless Gecko Module radio boards with Secure Vault support must be purchased separately

Silicon Labs SLWSTK6102A: Evaluation Board xGM210P

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SLWSTK6102A: Evaluation Board xGM210P
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