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miro Click, IoT Button, EU868, 1 - 4 buttons, buzzer, clipped housing, 2xAAA battery, 2x default labels (not mounted)

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Miromico - IOT-BUTTON-LW/EU868:10S

The miro Click enables wireless connectivity to a LoRaWAN®-based gateway over a distance of more than 15km (line of sight). The power consumption of the device is highly optimized to run from small-sized batteries, while the integrated switch functionality allows the system to operate in a deep sleep mode. The miro Click can be used as a service-on-demand button, remote control, emergency, or notification button. The functionality of the button can be extended when utilized in the multi-use (or multi-button) mode. The device consists of four single buttons (top-bottom-left-right) and is configured over the air. It can also be programmed to operate as a single-button device. The IoT button has a fully integrated antenna that allows excellent wireless connectivity through walls and floors. The batteries are exchangeable and enable years of lifetime. The simplicity of the enclosure is highly optimized for low-cost mass manufacturing and can easily be mounted on walls.

Key features:

  • Modular setup with different options
  • Low power operation
  • Up to 10 years of battery lifetime
  • Line-of-sight range of up to 15km
  • Runs customer specific applications and proprietary communication stacks
  • Status information over piezo or LED
  • Over the air configuration

Typical applications:

  • Low datarate IoT use cases
  • Low power RF system
  • Wireless notification
  • Industrial and home automation
  • Facility management services
  • Emergency notifications
  • Service-on-demand applications

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Communication ProtocolLoRaWAN
Type of Antenna connectorIntegrated Antenna
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