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miro EdgeCard, miniPCIe LoRaWAN gateway card, ISM 868 MHz, SX1308, internal antenna

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Miromico - GWC-EDGE-LR/868-08:36S

The miro EdgeCard mPCIe LoRaWAN®-Gateway Card provides a plug-and-play solution for long-range and low-power wireless communication networks based on the LoRaWAN standard. The mini PCIe form factor card uses an USB 2.0 serial link (CDC) to communicate with a host processor.
The card is based on Semtech’s SX1301 / SX1308 chipset. It enables to build high-performance and certified LoRaWAN gateway solutions.
Moreover, existing edge-level network devices can be upgraded to act as LoRaWAN gateways. Any host system capable of USB CDC is supported.
Each Gateway module offers eight receive channels and a single dedicated transmit channel. This allows for advanced duty cycle operation due to listen before talk and spectrum scanning capabilities.
Together with the optional mPCI-E adapter the gateway card can help developers to speed up LoRaWAN developments.

Key features:

  • LoRaWAN Gateway Chipset
  • Supports 8 parallel LoRaWAN receive channels
  • Dedicated TX path with improved spectrum mask for higher legal transmitt power
  • Highest downlink capacity thanks to hardware support for ETSI LBT / Channel Scaning
  • Available for 868/915 (ETSI/FCC)
  • Mini PCI-E (USB CDC) form factor
  • Integrated or external antenna (U.FL)
  • Up to 30 dBm output power
  • Cost effective e.g. for massive volume indoor applications
  • Outdoor Chipset SX1301 optional
  • Integrated heat sink

Typical applications:

  • LoRaWAN Gateways
  • Edge Computing
  • Public and private networks
  • Telemetry applications
  • Wireless IOT
  • Smart metering
  • Smart Buildings
  • Low power RF systems
  • Wireless sensing
  • Remote data logging
  • Industrial and home automation

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